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In case of Black Magic effect, the type of ghost or its shadow or its material that causes the damage is thoroughly studied. Then after diagnosing the type of ghost, his/her modus operandi is worked out and accordingly he or she is captured through positive tantric pooja, and normally it is tried that the ghost or spirit gets liberated from their roaming ghostly life. The Tantric Pooja is a serious divine effort to put these wandering and aimless spirits/ghosts in the service of God so that they could ultimately be liberated from their ghost yoni.Here Babu Banarasi Ji tells right asnwer by using Tantra and Mantra.
BABA Ji find a solution for Liberation is the ultimate aim of the ghosts/spirits, which they always desperately search for and cannot get unless they come into contact with right and religious minded positive tantric through divine pooja
• Will you get a Divorce?
• Will your Engagement Break?
• Will you Remarry?
• Will you remain a bachelor whole of your Life?
• Is your Husband having a Mistress?
• Know all this and more about your married Life?
• Do you need help or advice on a specific Issue?
sabar mantras or other items to harm the prospects of an innocent or unsuspecting victim. It is indulged by persons. who are jealous of the growth of others. or in an attempt to bring an individual under the control of another person. Now-a-days, due to increased competition and general decline in morality and ethics, lots and lots of people seem to become victims of black magic. or at least they think so! Now, how do we distinguish a victim of black magic. from a person who is affected by mental ailments or psychological problems. Often one is confused for the other and consequently there are lapses in the treatment course ultimately leading to untold miseries both for the victims and for their near once. and if you suffered with black magic.

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